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Academy & Simulation

What we do


We aim to become the ideal partner for those wishing to adopt an up to date simulation system for training, R & D, and Risk Management, by proposing an ‘As-a-Service’ business model.

We support the customer during the whole solution implementation: from the definition of their needs to the configuration and installation of the most suitable products in relation to their requirements, up until the creation of dedicated scenarios.

Through our Academy, as well as conducting R & D and machine learning activities, we are capable of leading training on simulation technologies, using the most advanced e-learning platforms on the market and in our learning centers.

Our experience


Scenario’s professional experience is the result of years of research and work in several fields, and continuous and further training guarantees the upholding of the highest quality standards as well as existing legislations

Our values


  • Innovation
  • Technological Crossover
  • Safety and Security’s Centrality
  • As-a-Service business model

Areas of application


We have developed our skills in five different simulation macro areas, and each one needs the configuration of different simulative platforms and an in-depth knowledge of this sector. What unites these different types of operating environments is the possibility of undergoing specified training through our Academy, using the most advanced learning platforms set by Scenario.

Avionic simulation

Flight and airport maneuvering simulation Any vehicle that moves within an airport can be effectively and realistically simulated, with pneumatic and immersive platforms.

Ground vehicle simulation

Ground vehicle simulators allow multiple kinds of applications, a high level of realism, and customization possibilities according to the client’s needs, such as vehicle geometry and extra cargo simulations.

Search & Rescue

Single and multiple scenery research and rescue simulators, designed to train qualified emergency response teams. On-site training at a simulation center, mobile training using laptops and remote learning on the Internet.

Maritime simulation

Simulation systems capable of replicating every existing naval unit, that are able to simulate, through precise mathematical models, ports and coastlines around the world and provide a precise replica of on-board instrumentation. Maneuvering and ground loading simulation systems

Logistics simulation

Supply Chain-related simulation systems, using complex realistic computer modellings of supply chains, warehouses, warehouse staff systems, storage areas and forklift usage, etc.


Academy services

We develop courses conceived for distribution, through simulation systems addressed for different levels of trainers and end users, as well as analyses specifically aimed at the new interactions between simulation-based training systems, with and without simulators. Training solutions provided through synergic SHRS systems (Simulation – Human Resource – Simulators)

Our services

We understand our customers’ needs and configure solutions, providing the necessary training on how to use them in a profitable way in accordance with their own goals and educational targets. We provide best-in-class solutions throughout the entire process, using a tailor-made approach based on the customer’s real needs.


Understanding the customer’s specific needs is the first step in providing a proportionate and beneficial solution to their real life demands. Our experts are able to lead this need definition process in order to provide a solution that can satisfy the client’s present needs and, at the same time, be scalable to meet the client’s future demands.


The configuration of simulation technologies requires cross-cutting and problem solving skills, in order to adapt to any kind of requests and situations. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide our services with maximum flexibility and adaptability, without relinquishing the highest quality and accountability standards.


One-to-many training is provided at our learning centers or through the most advanced e-Learning platforms on the market. We draw our skills internally, from nationally and internationally recognized professionals in our sector, in addition to the best local university professors.