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Cyber Security

Services and consultancy conforming to the safety standards imposed by the market


A lot of companies do not have IT security trained staff. Our Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) service allows our clients not to hire specialized staff (therefore full-time, expensive employees), in order to pay only for the desired services.

Identity and Access Management


"Trust" does not mean unlimited and unnecessary information access to all the employees. With the right security monitoring, organizations can significantly reduce their exposition to internal threats.

Privileged Access Management


The users can safely access critical IT resources without any impact on the network, while all the other IT infrastructure activities are constantly being monitored.

Data Loss Prevention


Our Data Protection solutions can help reducing data loss and improper use, by controlling information and  its access at every point in the system.

Endpoint Detection & Response


Informatic threats change daily, and your usual anti-virus software is not enough to properly protect you.

NextGen Firewall


Modular solutions, that allow companies to choose to purchase and activate different functions based on specific needs. Designed to detect and block the most recent and sophisticated kinds of attack that cannot be handled by a traditional firewall.

Cyber Risk Management


Because of the ubiquitous application of digital technologies and the hyper-connection between every element (both in term of complexity and extension), it's necessary to be ready to face Cyber Space threats aimed at every kind of virtual and material asset.



Solutions that are able to answer to forensic analysis, incident response and compliance needs. They integrate with Big Data and Analytics in order to identify potential threats using behaviour analytics for a complete and holistic monitoring process.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Cyber-Security is an ever-changing process that requires constant training and updates. Using adequate training programs it's possible to reduce the digital damage risk, by updating and securing the most vulnerable components : people.