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Why forensic computing?

Digital Forensics indicates the collection and analysis of evidence extracted from digital devices, the subsequent response to threats and possible individual attacks.

If the security measures defined in your Information Security Management System (ISMS) are not sufficient, an information technology incident can occur.

In the event of a cyber incident, the investigation to reconstruct it, is decisive in finding the perpetrators and, at best, repairing the damage. However, the investigation must be carried out with solid and recognized methods, so that the collected evidence can have legal value and be used profitably in accusation or defense.

Risk management & Compliance

Consulting aimed towards understanding the regulatory principles (NISt, COBIT, ISO27001, GDPR) and their application from a compliance and cybersecurity risk management perspective



OSINT stands for Open Source Digital Intelligence. From the military to business, OSINT surveys allow companies to better monitor their brand perception, perform pre-employment surveys, and much more.

Digital Forensics


When, unfortunately, prevention measures are not enough and the damage manifests itself, it is important to understand in detail what has happened. That is why we provide our expertise in legal and procedural matters, to identify useful evidence to the prosecution or the defense, found in the most diverse media.

Cybersecurity Enforcement


Computer security is not a product. It is a constantly changing process that requires attention and training. With our training plans, your company can reduce the risk of digital damage by updating and securing the most vulnerable components: the people who make it up.

Penetration Testing


The best way to predict a criminal’s moves is to think like a criminal: the only way to know how much your business can suffer a cyber attack is to put it to test, to detect leaks in your company’s information systems.



DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) is the application of of forensic science principles to cybersecurity, to examine cases of Data Breach, malware infections, computer fraud, theft of copyrighted data and similar criminal activities that can affect a modern company.