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Who We Are

Making the complex simple

Dynamics Technologies designs, evolves and implements customers’ computing infrastructures.

The goal is to provide the customer with the best solution based on its own technological and economic momentum.

We work alongside important international customers, who have led us to work all over the world, enabling a mutual growth of culture and competence.
Innovation and attention to new business models are the core of our company’s business strategy.

To ensure high standards of safety and quality, were achieved ISO 9001 and 27001 system certifications.

Our Experience 

Dynamics Technologies leveraging on twenty years of the Italian Lumen group experience


Following the great success our systems have got in the larger transport sector (including road, railway, air and maritime), we have now developed them for the four main branches of the construction sector too:


  • design;
  • building activities;
  • facility management;
  • operation;

We are confident in the effectiveness of our systems as a contribution to overcome the difficulties the pandemic has brought to the construction sector and to its training and educational needs.