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At Nautico Artiglio The most innovative dashboard simulator in Italy, according to “The Nation”

Viareggio December 9 2018 – Thanks to Upgrade the Most innovative ship’sbridge  simulator in Italy has landed in Viareggio.

The Nautical Institute Artiglio is equipped with a simulator based on transas software and configured and installed by Upgrade, to allow the training of highly qualified personnel, potentially 24/7.

«Transas – Comments Emanuele Pitto, Sales director and project Manager – is the manufacturer of the simulation Software and Upgrade Srl is the company authorized to install and promote courses. For us it is a great reason of pride to have developed this project being the most important in Italy»

The school manager Nadia Lombardi argues that the simulator installed «will allow to navigate virtually anywhere, in all weather conditions and in all hours of the day and night. Students can make virtual trips around the world and dock in many different ports as: Genoa, Livorno, Strait of Messina, Venice, English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Istanbul, Singapore, Rotterdam, New York, Los Angeles and many more. »

“In essence -says Professor Marco Antonio Vignali- This is the representation of the bridge with all the equipment that allows you to navigate and do maneuvers, just like aboard a real ship. »

An important milestone for the Nautico Artiglio and for Upgrade, considering it as the leader of a long series of similar projects.

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