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A structure with different areas of technical excellence, to guarantee support from the design phase to the “go live”.

In- depth technological experience and specific knowledge of the field, related to the impact of technology on people and processes, allow us to design and produce fast, agile, and simplesolutions able to help customers to achieve their business goals .


Upgrade addresses companies that want to start accelerating their globalization path and stand out in the market, by offering support and coordination to their technological infrastructure, guaranteeing Innovation, effectiveness, facilitated management and security.


Our expertise in the delivery field is divided into two different application areas: Infrastructure and Security.


Advanced Networking

Advanced Storage Infrastructure

Backup Solution

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Hadoop and NoSQL for Analytics

Software Defined Datacenter

Software Defined Networking


DLP and Data Classification

Firewall and advanced perimeter protections

Identity Management System

Log Management, SIEM


AI Videosurveillance