Professional Next-Gen Operational AI Underwater Robot

Powerful & Efficient Modules

FIFISH E-GO’s four essential quick release modules combine advanced technology with essential user needs across the marine industry.

Integrated Body, Strengthened Durability

Corrosion resistance, and crystallization resistance. These qualities provide excellent protective coverage for the core precision components within the tank, ensuring the overall durability and robustness of the entire unit.

Drawing inspiration from the formidable hammerhead shark, FIFISH E-GO boasts a streamlined design that embraces fluid dynamics principles, ensuring seamless adaptation to the underwater environment.

Quick-Release Modules, Effortless Inspections

The E-GO’s modular architecture integrates essential components of the robot – including the motor, imaging, lighting, and battery – enabling rapid assembly, disassembly, and precise troubleshooting. Battery and accessory removal are achieved within seconds, while spare part replacement can be completed within 5 minutes, delivering a major boost to operational efficiency.

Precise & Agile Navigation

FIFISH E-GO delivers optimal power and propulsion for a wide range of subsea operations and scenarios.

Innovative Ring-Wing Propulsion

At its core, the FIFISH E-GO features an innovative ring-wing motor system, achieving speeds of 3 knots and demonstrating strong resistance in challenging waters. The E-GO incorporates six high-performance metal wing propellers with an expanded blade area, resulting in a 30% power increase while ensuring remarkable reliability, wear resistance, and corrosion protection.


360° Full-Motion Capability

Leveraging FIFISH patented six-directional vector layout, FIFISH E-GO achieves a complete 360° full-dimensional underwater motion, eliminating blind spots. This groundbreaking technology empowers operators with complete freedom of movement underwater, breaking through spatial and angular limitations to achieve precise inspections.

AI-Driven Stabilization

Equipped with the FIFISH Q-Steady 3.0 self-stabilization system, driven by its AI-based station lock technology, FIFISH E-GO automatically adjusts its stability based on changing water flows, ensuring remarkably steady underwater operations and inspections.

Underwater Auto-Cruise

For extensive scan and search scenarios, FIFISH E-GO enables auto-cruise and predefined movement paths through the FIFISH APP. This feature frees up your hands, allowing focus to be placed on the visual screen during inspections, significantly enhancing the efficiency of crucial underwater tasks.

Station Lock Module (Optional Add-on)

In operational scenarios with strong currents, the FIFISH E-GO’s station-keeping system achieves extended and self-adaptive stability, allowing operators to effectively navigate strong currents and perform tasks with optimal smoothness.

Fast-Charging Redefined

Breaking traditional methods, FIFISH E-GO offers a more efficient, capable and flexible battery life solution.

Dual Battery System, Swap Batteries Without Powering Down

FIFISH E-GO features an upgraded circuit design with a dual battery system, employing advanced hot-swappable technology. This enables seamless alternating battery replacement without powering down or restarting, instantly revitalizing FIFISH E-GO to full power.

Intelligent & Portable Charging Station

FIFISH E-GO comes with its portable smart charging platform, Q-Energy Station, with two batteries that provide 150 minutes of standard operational duration. In addition, leverage rapid charging, with just 50 minutes to reach 90% capacity, ensuring swift charging without concerns about battery life during extended underwater missions.


Next-Gen Fisheye Lens & Camera Sensor

With its groundbreaking ultra-wide-angle camera lens, FIFISH E-GO delivers an expansive 176° topside view and a 146° underwater panoramic perspective, empowering operators to capture the entirety of the underwater environment.

1/1.8-Inch CMOS Sensor, 4K/30fps Ultra HD Video

Equipped with a 1/1.8-inch large sensor, FIFISH E-GO supports 4K/30fps ultra-HD video recording and RAW format photo shooting. This potential maximizes image preservation, ensuring ample visual data for recording and analyzing complex underwater scenarios.

Enhanced Six-Port Expansion

Through a meticulous internal redesign, FIFISH E-GO is equipped with dual load interfaces on both the top and bottom of the body. Utilizing professional expansion docks (optional), it can accommodate up to 6 operational tools simultaneously.

Swift Add-on Upgrades

With the newly upgraded quick-install bracket structure, component installation speeds are optimized to an impressive 9 seconds, allowing users to significantly enhance efficiency through rapid switching between different modes of operation.

5kg Payload Capability

Backed by robust power and dual load interfaces, FIFISH E-GO supports a maximum payload of up to 5kg while maintaining stable control. This offers ample space for choosing and combining various professional accessory models, enabling tailored configurations.

Quick Storage Capability

Equipped with a detachable Micro SD card slot, FIFISH E-GO can record, read and transfer your underwater videos and images with ease.

Versatile Configurations, Infinite Combinations

Tailor your equipment to different operational scenarios with a variety of professional accessories, offering dozens of options to create a customized setup that suits your specific needs.

Standard Package Contents:

  1. FIFISH E-GO ROV 200m Diving Depth x 1
  2. 5000 lumen LED x 2
  3. 200m Tether with manual waterproof spool x 1
  4. 128GB Storage x 1
  5. 69.12Wh battery x 2
  6. Remote Controller x 1
  7. Adaptors for RC and E-GO x 2
  8. Q-Interface x 2
  9. Upper tool mount x 1
  10. Hard case x 1
  11. Tool kit and box x 1
  12.  Attitude Loc and Bathymetry x 1
  13.  Distance Meter (Distance Lock & Vertical Station Lock) x 1
  14. Laser Scaler x 1

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