The czi C30N smart dual-light night vision camera integrates a high-definition infrared thermal imaging camera and a 30x enhanced optical zoom visible light camera, providing higher target resolution at longer distances. The infrared thermal imaging resolution is up to 1280×1024, and with the 55mm focal length of the telephoto thermal imaging lens, it can quickly search for suspected targets at ultra-long distances. When split-screen mode is enabled, the 30x enhanced optical zoom camera can be used simultaneously to further confirm the target. The infrared laser fill light provides invisible laser fill light for the night vision lens in the dark, allowing the IR night vision image of the visible light camera to present clearer image details. The C30N has built-in laser ranging function, which can real-time locate the distance and coordinates of the target. With the czi Pilot’s QR code sharing function, the target coordinates can be shared with frontline workers and command centers in real-time. The C30N has 21TPOS computing power, equipped with high-precision three-axis PTZ, which can perfectly match the DJI M300/350 RTK industrial drone. It is compatible with czi Pilot or DJI Pilot 2 App, bringing more possibilities for industrial

4x HD Infrared

55mm IR camera. 1280×1024 resolution.

Ultra-visible cameras

Starlight Night Vision.
30x Enhanced Optical Zoom.
Equivalent Focal Length: 31.85~796mm.

Fill-in spotlight distance measurement

Built-in IR laser fill-in spotlight.
With IR mode to get more details.
Built-in laser rangefinder.


High-precision three-axis stabilization payload.
Built-in Nvidia AI chip.
Built-in temperature control elements.

Adapted models


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