EchoLogger ECT D052S echo sounder

EchoLogger ECT D052S dual-frequency echo sounder with tilt and temperature sensor, harness, housing, and mountings for the drone.

The echo sounder cable is protected by a plastic sleeve which also supports the echo sounder and housing weight.

Comes with an RS232 interface and connector for SkyHub.

Cable length 2.5m.

Sensor ECT D052S
Type Dual-frequency
Acoustic frequency, kHz 50/200
Measurement range 1.0 … 200m (50 kHz)
0.5 … 200m (200 kHz)
Beam widthConical (-3dB) 27°/7° (50 kHz/200 kHz)
Weight of the echo sounder (in the air), g 460
Weight of all components (in the air), kg
(sensor, SkyHub, altimeter, housing, cables, mountings)
Suitable DJI drones
(or Pixhawk drones of comparable size)
M350 RTK
M300 RTK
M600 Pro

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