Every detail matters

For professionals looking to scan inaccessible locations, the Leica ScanStation P50 is the most rapid and safest, long-range 3D laser scanner. Unlike other laser scanners, the P50 solution exploits productivity by scanning difficult to reach places in a safe position on site, saving time with fewer setups.

Scan inaccessible locations

The Leica ScanStation P50 delivers maximum quality HDR imaging and 3D data at an exceptionally fast scan rate of up to 1 mio points per second and ranges of more than 1 km. Unmatched distance and angular precision combined with survey-grade dual-axis compensation and low range noise form the basis for well detailed 3D colour point clouds mapped in clarity.

Great performance in severe conditions

The very durable ScanStation P50 delivers even under the harshest environmental conditions, such as temperatures ranging from -20°C to + 50°C and conforms to the IP54 rating for water and dust resistance.

Complete scanning solution

The new P50 ScanStation is provided as part of a comprehensive scanning solution including hardware, software, training, service and support. 3D laser scan data can be processed in the leading 3D point cloud software suite, which consists of Leica Cyclone, Leica CloudWorx, Leica JetStream and the cost-free Leica TruView.

  • Highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging
  • Extremely high-speed scan rate of 1 mio points per second
  • Ranges of up to 1 kilometre
  • Low range noise
  • Survey-grade dual-axis compensation

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