The 6X offers synchronized capture of radiometric-accurate multispectral and high-resolution RGB imagery. With ample 512GB high-speed internal storage, high-rate capture speed, and gimbal stabilization, it enables longer flights, covering more area. Unmatched in its class, the 6X provides outstanding value, ensuring optimal results for every project.


Key Specifications

Size3.13” x 2.60” x 2.66” (65mm x 65 mm x 22mm)
290 grams
Image FormatJPEG, TIFF, RAW | 5 fps Sustained Capture Rate
Storage512 GB Internal PCle NVMe
InterfacesUSB-C | Gigabit Ethernet Optional | Expansion Port


Faster Data Collection, More Precise Analytics

Rely on Sentera’s powerful machine learning platform to translate imagery into detailed analytics.

  • Canopy Cover- Quantify the fraction and uniformity of green vegetation across every acre and every plot for corn, soybean, cotton, canola/OSR, and small grain.
  • Crop Health- Quantify the effects of products and treatments across all acres and plots throughout the entire season for corn, soybean, cotton, canola/OSR, and small grain.
  • Flower Cover- Quantify the fraction and uniformity of flower cover across every acre and every plot for cotton and canola/OSR.
  • Residue Cover- Quantify the extent and fraction of residue covering bare soil prior to crop planting or following crop harvest.
  • Stand Count- Quantify crop emergence and uniformity across every acre and every plot for corn, male/female corn, soybean, cotton, and canola/OSR. 



Spectral Bands

    • • Blue (475nm center, 30nm bandwidth)
      • Green (550nm center, 20nm bandwidth)
      • Red (670nm center, 30nm bandwidth)
      • Red Edge (715nm center, 10nm bandwidth)
      • Near-IR (840nm center, 20nm bandwidth)


Sensor Resolution & Lens Overview

  • 5X 3.2 MP Monochrome Global Shutter
    HFOV: 47
    GSD @ 200 ft – 1.0” (2.6 cm)
    GSD @ 400 ft – 2.0” (5.2 cm)
  • Spectral Bands
    Blue: 475 nm x 30 nm
    Green: 550 nm x 20 nm
    Red: 670 nm x 30 nm
    Red Edge: 715 nm x 10 nm
    NIR: 840 nm x 20 nm
  • 1X 20MP RGB Electronic Rolling Shutter
    HFOV: 47
    GSD @ 200 ft – 0.4” (1.0 cm)
    GSD @ 400 ft – 0.8” (2.0 cm)

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