Autel Alpha is an intelligent industrial drone for multi-purpose. Boasting significant enhancements in autonomous flight capabilities, anti-interference capabilities, obstacle avoidance capabilities, video transmission technology, and battery systems, it injects robust performance into the flight platform. With a foldable design and IP55-rating level, it tackles challenging environments. The built-in RTK dual-antenna system ensures precise control within millimeters when carrying out the missions. Paired with the next-gen DG-L35T gimbal, it integrates a 560x hybrid zoom camera, dual thermal imaging cameras, a visible light wide-angle camera, and a laser rangefinder. The dual thermal imaging cameras meet the needs of both short-range overview and long-range detail observation, achieving distant operation scenarios with unobstructed personnel recognition within an 8-kilometer range, providing more professional and comprehensive solutions for applications such as public safety, energy inspection, and emergency management.



Insight Beyond Limits

Autel DG-L35T Gimbal integrates dual thermal imaging cameras (short/long focal length), a 4K 35x optical Zoom camera, a wide-angle camera and a laser rangefinder.


Super ZoomStrong Infrared PerceptionSuper SensitivityAccurate Ranging
The zoom camera supports 4K 35x optical zoom and 560x maximum hybrid zoom with clear observation up to 8 kilometers away. It efficiently empowers applications such as long distance inspection.The thermal camera supports 56x hybrid zoom, dual thermal imaging lenses, with a resolution of 640*512. It features a 13mm wide-angle lens and a 45mm telephoto lens, catering to overview with short focal lengths and detail-oriented viewing with long focal lengths.The wide camera has an effective pixel count of 48 million, supporting a maximum photo resolution of 8000*6000 and a video resolution of 4000*3000 at 25 frames per second, meeting the needs of various shooting scenarios.The laser rangefinder supports one-click point positioning, allowing for quick acquisition of target positions, with a maximum ranging distance of up to 2 kilometers.


Exceptional Anti-Interference Capability

Autel Alpha’s high-precision visual positioning capabilities, adaptive frequency-hopping and SLAM navigation technology empowers resistance from interference and enables the drone to fly confidently near powerlines, critical structures and in complex areas.


A-Mesh Networking

With integrated A-Mesh networking technology, all drones and controllers establish a private network, supporting various working modes such as “single-controller multiple drones” and “master-slave dual control”. Even in scenarios with long distances and obstacles, such as mountains, buildings, or areas without public network, the drones can achieve multi-device networking, enabling drone-to-drone autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration.


Autonomous Flight

Autel’s Autonomy Engine is continuously improving, enabling functions such as global path planning and 3D scene reconstruction in complex environments. It ofers various obstacle avoidance capabilities, including return-to-home, manual contro, and mision planning, providing a more professional solution for industries such as security, inspection, and surveying.


No Blind Spots, Ultimate Obstacle Avoidance

By integrating multi-source sensor fusion technology, including 5-direction dual fisheye vision + 6-direction millimeter-wave radar, the drone is equipped with wire-level obstacle avoidance and pathfinding capabilities. It can detect minor obstacles like glass, poles, and powerlines. Additionally, it supports nighttime obstacle avoidance for flight safety.


Platform Capabilities

Redefines proficiency with its robust platform and all weather design.
Protection Rating: IP55
Wind Resistance: 12m/s
Maximum Flying Altitude:4500 meters
Operation Temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
*With high-altitude propeller


Hot-Swappable Batteries

Adopting a dual-battery redundant design, the fight time reaches 40 minutes, supporting hot-swappable batteries for seamless, eficient operations.


Multiple Payload Capability

The aircraft features multiple mounting interfaces: mounting interfaces. The Autel PSDK developer platform is open for creating a new industry ecosystem such as searchlights, loudspeakers, 4G/5G modules, and more.


High-definition Transmission, Performance Upgrade

With Autel Skylink 3.0, the system comes with 4 antennas, 4 Frequency bands, enabling a transmission distance of up to 20 kilometers. It supports auto frequency hopping on 900MHz/2.4GHz/5.2GHz/5.8GHz*, automatically selecting the optimal channel based on electromagnetic interference for robust anti-interference capabilities, featuring a high transmission of 64Mbps and low transmission latency.


Autel Enterprise App Platform

The Autel Enterprise App is built from the ground up for industrial applications and features a brand-new interface for simple, efficient operation. Additional features and semi-autonomous modes maximize the Autel Alpha’ mission capability.


Multiple Mission Types

Waypoint mission

Users can add waypoints for flexible, non-structured flight paths.


Polygon Mission

Supports one-click automatic generation of polygon flight areas.


Quick Mission

Temporary quick missions can be created while executing other missions, and multiple submissions can be stacked for enhanced felxibility.


Smart Assistive Features

AI Target Recognition

Based on Autel’s AI recognition technology, the Autel Apha can automatically identify and lock onto different types of targets such as human, boat or vehicles through zoon, wide, or infrared cameras, projecting the target’s location onto the map.


Laser Ranging

Click on the remote controller screen or map, it will show the target  latitude, longitude, height, and other information swiftly.



The gimbal locks onto the target, and follows the target’s movement while hovering, ensuring the target remains at the center of the frame.


Data Security

Privacy protection: Data involving user and aircraft information, including flight logs, locations, and account information can only be physically accessed via the aircraft locally.

Encrypted Data Storage: It supports AES encryption for photos, videos, and flight logs, requiring a password input for access.



Public Safety


Powerline Inspection


Search and Rescue


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