Dual Cameras, Accurate Temperature Measurement

The EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 is equipped with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera and an all new Sony .8″ 50 megapixel RYYB sensor.

High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Sensor

Equipped with a 640×512 high-resolution thermal imaging camera featuring a 13mm focal length lens and 16x digital zoom, it is easy to observe distant targets. The system uses a new image processing algorithm, making thermal imaging details clearer and more discernible than the competition with the similar resolution and hardware.

Precise Temperature Measurement

The EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 can accurately detect heat sources within a distance of 2-20 meters. By leveraging the compensation algorithm of infrared temperature measurement, the 640T RTK can regulate temperature deviations within 3 degrees Celsius.

New Image Processing Algorithm

The V3 system uses a brand new image processing algorithm, making thermal imaging details sharper and more discernible than competition with the similar resolution and hardware.


30hz Refresh Rate For Videogrammetry

The EVO II RTK Dual V3 provides high refresh rates for accurate and detailed 3D thermal maps.


Zoom In For The Details

Focus in on critical areas with the EVO II RTK V3’s 4x lossless zoom and 16x digital zoom.


Multiple Color Palettes

White Hot | Cold and Hot | Rainbow | Enhanced Rainbow | Ironbow | Lava | Arctic | Searing | Gradation | Heat Detection


SkyLink 2.0 Video Transmission

SkyLink 2.0 is built into the EVO II Series V3 chipset, expanding the possibilities for your most critical workflows.

9+ Miles Do more because you can fly further away | QHD Incredible video resolution within a mile, meeting most common use cases | 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz / 900MHz Supports tri-band communication with automatic frequency hopping for maximum anti-interference capabilities | *900MHz is only applicable for FCC countries.


360° Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with 19 groups of sensors including 12 visual sensors, the main camera, ultrasound, IMUs and other sensors enable building of three-dimensional maps and path planning in real time.


Portable and Easy To Use

  • Compact Design– The EVO II RTK Series V3 folds up for ease of transport and deployment.
  • Trouble Free Daily Workflows– The EVO II RTK Series V3 only takes 45 seconds from setup to takeoff.

Safe and Sturdy

  • 27mph Max Wind Resistance– EVO II’s Smaller Cross Section and powerful motors allows greater stability and control in all windy conditions.
  • No Fly Zones*- EVO II RTK Series V3 does not have any no fly zones and will not prevent the pilot from taking off.
  • 38 Minutes Flight Time– Enjoy up to 38 minutes of flight time – 20%~30% more than the next leading competitor for more area coverage and longer missions
  • No Forced Updates**– EVO II RTK Series V3 does not need to be on the latest hardware or app version in order to take off unlike other competitors.

Autel Smart Controller V3

The Smart Controller V3’s 7.9-inch, 2000 nits high-brightness screen is clearly visible under direct sunlight.

9+ Miles Transmission Range | Maximum 2000 nits Brightness | 4.5 Operating Hours |IP43 Resistance


Powerline Inspection



Law Enforcement



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