Drone Show Technologies by SPH Engineering is the leading all-in-one solution in the entertainment market, empowering you to create mesmerizing drone light shows.




  • Alerts

Through a comprehensive analysis of over 70 emergency situations in the last 7 years, our team has developed Alerts, an advanced early warning system that ensures our operators are informed of potential issues upfront, facilitating prompt and easy action. Prioritizing peace of mind and ensuring the utmost level of safety, Alerts is committed to delivering safety solutions.

  • Double Geofence & Hardfence

Prior to every flight, our drones receive an uploaded geofence for added safety measures. If the drone approaches the Geofence, RETURN HOME action will automatically be triggered. Additionally, our system incorporates a Hard Fence feature. If the drone surpasses the standard geofence by a defined margin and reaches the Hard fence border, a DISARM action is activated to ensure the drone is safely grounded and prevent any further flight.

  • GPS Corrections Redundancy

RTK GPS corrections are transmitted via both Wi-Fi and a secondary channel. If the drone loses the Wi-Fi link mid-flight, it will seamlessly continue to receive RTK GPS corrections through the secondary radio channel.

Emergency commands over primary or secondary channel

In the event of an emergency, four commands – Hold, Return Home, Land, or Disarm – can be executed. These commands are capable of being transmitted through either the primary communication channel (Wi-Fi) or the secondary radio channel (433/915 MHz).

  • Red Button

In case of a malfunction of the main PC, the red button allows you to stop the show and return the drones home, if necessary.

  • Time Code

DSS incorporates a timecode-adapted module for receiving timecodes from external devices. Achieve precise synchronization with external music sources or DJ consoles for optimal show coordination. The drone system time automatically adjusts when differing from GPS time by more than 100 ms (configurable value).

  • DSS Controller

DSS 3D Map Interface: Visualize all drone locations in a 3D environment through DSS.

Weather Service: Monitor real-time weather conditions conveniently within the program using the weather forecast tool.

Smart RTH Functionality: Smart Return-to-Home aims to minimize collision risks, ideally returning all drones to their home locations without incidents.

Finale 3D Integration: Easily export animations in VVIZ format for importing into Finale 3D software and convert VVIZ format shows to PATH3 files.

  • Drone Show Simulation

Drone show pilots can simulate flights without real drones, allowing risk-free practice for both experienced pilots and new team members using firmware identical to that installed on the actual drones.

  • Animation

When uploading animation to drones, it is crucial to validate speeds and distances. Our Blender plugin, along with Path Viewer or Drone Show Creator, empowers both internal and external designers to verify that drone distances and speeds adhere to permissible limits.

Our software enables exceptional 24 FPS animation, perfect for creating shows with a modern TV-like frame refresh rate. Additionally, you can enhance your shows with a surprise strobe effect.

For outstanding performances, our software supports two mission types: light and pyro missions. In RGB(W) flight mode, you can change LED colors set in the animation. In R+YAW mode, ideal for fireworks or smoke generators, you can adjust drone YAW position for rotating fireworks using the R servo channel.


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