UgCS Mapper is an affordable lightweight drone image and video processing software by SPH Engineering to create 2D maps and elevation models.




  • Work offline in the field – UgCS Mapper is capable of working purely offline so that you can quickly stitch the map and validate the quality and density of survey data before leaving the survey area.
  • Stitch multispectral RGN JPEG – Upload multispectral 3- channel RGN JPEG images of the field into UgCS Mapper for stitching and generate NDVI indexes to assess crop health.
  • Stitch on the fly – When default map sources are not available or obsolete, create up-to-date maps and elevation data on the fly. They are accurate enough for safe mission planning and guiding first response teams.


  • Orthophoto generation- Stitching orthophoto from georeferenced JPG images
  • Multispectral cameras- Stitch multispectral 3-channel RGN JPEG images to generate NDVI indexes. Compatible with Micasense RedEdge-M, RedEdge-MX
  • DSM/elevation data- Generate DSM/elevation data from georeferenced JPG images
  • Integration- A new map one click away and DSM export from UgCS Mapper into UgCS
  • Live mapping from the video stream- Combined with UgCS ENTERPRISE license, UgCS Mapper supports LIVE mapping from a drone’s video stream.


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