UgCS Commander offers a practical solution for those who rely on drones for diverse tasks. Our focus is on simplifying multi-drone operations and boosting your operational efficiency.



  1. Simultaneously control multiple drones to save time and resources with coordinated drone flights.
  2. Supports DJI and other leading drone manufacturers, seamlessly integrating drones from different brands in a single platform.
  3. Real-time telemetry dashboard, allowing you to monitor critical drone data at a glance.
  4. 3D environment for drone monitoring, enabling you to visualize drone operations in real-time.
  5. Customizable flight control, allowing you to adapt drone missions on the fly.

Supported Drones

  • Most popular DJI drones (Phantom 4 / PRO, M300/350RTK, etc.)
  • American-made drones: Inspired Flight, Freefly, Watts and other PX4/Ardupilot drones


How Does It Work?

Step 1: Route Planning
Plan routes for multiple vehicles with UgCS Commander

Step 2: Assignment
Seamlessly assign these routes to connected drones.

Step 3: Connectivity
Connect drones using the same methods as in standard UgCS:
• DJI drones through UgCS for DJI on Android devices.
• Other drones via various means like radio datalinks, Wi-Fi, etc.

Step 4: Real-time Telemetry
Monitor critical drone parameters in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard:
• Battery level
• Altitude
• Speed

Step 5: 3D Environment
Visualize all drones in a 3D environment of UgCS.

Step 6: Proximity Alerts
Receive alerts if drones come too close to each other.

Step 7: Control Flexibility
• Pause missions
• Resume missions
• Land drones as needed with the UgCS Commander

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