The MagDrone R4 is an ultra light weight magnetometer with 5 triaxial Fluxgates to be attached to any UAV capable to carry 2 kg of payload.

In opposite to the MagDrone R3, the MagDrone R4 is used for high resolution mapping in order to detect small and compact objects as well as structures in the ground, such as UXO or archaeological features.

Recommended applications:

  • Searching for UXO (UneXploded Ordnance)
  • Archaeology
  • Surveying for any metal objects weighing a few hundred grams or heavier lying underground

Note, that general rule with magnetometer when it is necessary to detect artificial objects or artefacts – fly as low as possible. Recommended altitude for the tasks like UXO search – 1m above surface or even lower. That means that drone should be equipped with terrain following system (included in recommended magnetometer bundle).

Recommended drone to carry MagDrone R4: DJI M300 RTK /DJI M350 RTK

What’s in the set:

  • MagDrone R4 magnetometer with 5x triaxial fluxgate magnetic sensors, sensor bar and data recorder
  • MagDrone Data Tool software
  • Power supply cable MagDrone R4 (XT30 plug for SkyHub)
  • USB cable to connect MagDrone R4 to Windows computer
  • Cable to connect MagDrone R4 to GPS-out interface of SkyHub
  • Mountings for DJI M300 RTK drone
  • Manual
  • Transport hard case


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