HTS-420R Total Station

Dual-axis reflectorless total station, provides an efficient measurement experience.


Hi-Target HTS-420R

Dual-axis compensation

Configuring with an advanced dual-axis compensator for auto error elimination and accuracy compensation.
Hi-Target HTS-420R

Absolute Encoding

Hi-Target HTS-420R

The absolute encoding disk ensures high accuracy, efficiency and stable performance. No need to initialize but to measure the angle immediately as the HTS-420R is turned on.

Temperature and Air Pressure Sensor

The built-in temperature and air pressure sensor guarantee precise PPM for accurate measuring on demand.
Hi-Target HTS-420R


Product Parameters

  • 2mm + 2ppm with Reflector/ 3mm + 2ppm Reflectorless EDM Accuracy
  • 2″ Angular Accuracy
  • Real-Time Operating System

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