Benefiting from the next-generation GNSS engine, unlimited communication technology and innovative designs, iRTK5, the high-quality scalable GNSS receiver, provides an industry-leading GNSS RTK surveying solution.




Hi-RTP Global PPP Service

The correction source has been extended by Hi-RTP global correction service provided by Hi-Target. Enabling users to work without a base-station in rural or remote areas anywhere in the world.
Hi-Target iRTK5


HD Touchable OLED Screen

Hi-Target iRTK5

The newly designed HD OLED screen, which has RGB color and is touchable, has 1.3″ and 240*240 resolutions. Users can quickly check and set the receiver status for easier fieldwork.


Revolutionary Tilt Survey with Built-in IMU

Customers benefit from calibration-free for tilt surveys without centering. Once you reach the surveying points, immediately start the operation. Compared with bubble leveling, boost working efficiency by 20%.
Hi-Target iRTK5


Product Parameters

  • 8 mm H/ 15 mm V Real-time kinematic precision
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS, QZSS, SBAS signal tracking
  • PPP Service
  • 1404/800+ Channels
  • Support multi-protocol radio (Receive & Transit)
  • Revolutionary Tilt Survey with built-in IMU


SHC55 Handheld Controller

As a new generation of the handheld controller, the SHC55 with an updated screen provides a wider vision and high visibility under direct sunlight. The latest software Satsurv contributes more intelligence to the terminal. With a full-keyboard design and flash charge, SHC55 is an excellent choice for your survey work since it is durable and trustworthy in the field in all situations.


iRTK5 with SHC55 Remote Controller

5.5″ capacitive touch screen for fingers or stylus.

Full energy supply for fieldwork assurance

The alphanumeric layout of the keyboard for easier input.

The Android 10.0 operating system for productive survey projects and data

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