HD Color Screen Long Range Total Station


HTS-521L10 adopts a high-definition color screen to provide better human-computer interaction. The new optical design and absolute coding technology improve the measurement performance. High-precision compact bead shafting and sealed encoder disk enhance accuracy and stability. Built-in abundant measurement programs and comprehensive maintenance procedures will provide a new measurement experience.

Handheld Controller

Longer Range and More Stable Precision

Hi-Target HTS−521L10

HTS-521L10 has a new optical structure design. It adopts a new ranging algorithm and cooperates with high-quality electronic and optical components. The reflectorless range is up to 1000m with 3+2ppm accuracy. The prism mode range is farther than 6000m with 2+2ppm accuracy.

Colorful Display

2.8-inch and 240*320 pixels high-brightness color display is still clearly visible under the strong sunlight. The rubber keys have a backlight display, which makes operation clear in dark environment.
Hi-Target HTS−521L10

Trigger Key

Hi-Target HTS−521L10

The data can be acquired by trigger key with one click, which improves the speed and accuracy of the measurement greatly.


High Precision and Stability

High-precision bead shafting. Sealed encoder disk.


Product Parameters

  • Reflectorless 1000m 3+2 PPM,Prism Mode 6000m 2+2 PPM Range & Accuracy
  • 2″ Angle Accuracy
  • Dual-Axis Liquid Tilt Sensor
  • Real-Time Operating System
  • 8000 Points Memory
  • -20° to 50° Work Temperature

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