Exclusive  Features of UgCS ENTERPRISE

  • Run a centralized UgCS telemetry and video server and have pilots from the field connect over a VPN
  • Live video streaming from UgCS for DJI to UgCS Video Player on Desktop
  • Local video recording embedded metadata (geolocation, timestamp, vehicle ID and other)
  • Video live streaming over RTSP to VMS (such as Luxriot, Milestone)
  • Multiple SDK connections
  • *ADS-B Transponder support



Features of UgCS ENTERPRISE for LiDAR Surveys

  • LiDAR Area and LiDAR Corridor tools
  • IMU Calibration route pattern (figure eight)
  • IMU Calibration actions (figure eight, U-turn/J-hook)
  • LiDAR flight planning based on FOV value
  • Adjustable corner radius for smooth cornering
  • Loop turns for additional IMU calibration
  • Smart AGL algorithm
  • Adjustable LiDAR area buffer size 


Other Features of UgCS ENTERPRISE

  • Plan flights with terrain following
  • 3D flight planning interface
  • Offline maps (fly without internet connection)
  • Photogrammetry, Vertical (Facade) scan, Corridor mapping, SAR, Linear, Circle, Waypoint, Perimeter, Area Scan flight planning tools
  • Route import from KML/CSV data
  • DEM/DSM elevation data import from .TIF format
  • Preview flights with respect to terrain elevation profile
  • Automatic telemetry recording
  • Geo-referenced image import
  • Create custom no-fly zones (NFZ)
  • Custom map overlays
  • ADS-B Receiver support
  • Compatible with UgCS Mapper to process images and create map overlays.


Supported Drones

UgCS supports most popular UAV platforms including DJI M300, M350, M600, M2X0, Inspire, Phantom series, Mavic series; MAVLink-compatible drones (Pixhawk with ArduPilot/PX4).

Technical Details

  • Installs locally on your Windows computer
  • Android app UgCS for DJI is used to connect to DJI drones

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