Exploring CZI: Wide Range of Payloads Compatible with DJI Enterprise Drones

In the ever-evolving landscape of drone technology, compatibility and versatility are key factors driving innovation. One company that has been making waves in this arena is CZI, with its impressive array of payloads compatible with DJI Enterprise Drones. Let’s take a closer look at what CZI has to offer and how it’s revolutionizing the capabilities of drone-based applications.

Understanding CZI

CZI is a leading provider of drone payloads and solutions, specializing in enhancing the capabilities of DJI Enterprise Drones. With a focus on versatility and performance, CZI’s products are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from agriculture and construction to public safety and beyond.

Wide Range of Payloads

One of the standout features of CZI’s offerings is its wide range of payloads compatible with DJI Enterprise Drones. Whether you’re looking to capture high-resolution imagery, conduct thermal inspections, or gather data for mapping and surveying purposes, CZI has a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Digital Voice Broadcasting

CZI offers a range of cutting-edge lineup of drone payloads revolutionizing the landscape of digital voice broadcasting. Our suite of innovative solutions is engineered to redefine live communication from the skies. From the commanding LP35 Searchlight and Broadcasting System to the precision-engineered MP140 and MP130 V2 Digital Voice Broadcasting Systems, CZI delivers unparalleled clarity and reach in voice transmission. And though phased out, the MP118 LTE Speaker remains a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering compact power and real-time control.

  • LP35 Searchlight and Broadcasting System: compatible with DJI M300/M350RTK drones, boasting a powerful 90W rating and a sharp 13° beam, with integrated loudspeakers reaching up to 126dB and supporting live broadcasting, complete with red and blue flashing lights for seamless operation.
  • MP140 Digital Voice Broadcasting System: delivers clear voice transmission over 1000 meters with a maximum volume of 140dB, featuring a built-in 3-axis anti-shake micro gimbal camera for optimal broadcast performance and compatibility with DJI Matrix M300 RTK series flight platforms. 
  • MP130 V2 Digital Voice Broadcasting System: offers ultra-high sound pressure for clear voice transmission up to 500 meters, integrating the second generation of drone digital voice broadcasting system and DJI PSDK links for seamless operation, optimized for drone industry applications and compatible with DJI Matrix M200 V2/M300 series flight platforms. 

Despite being phased out, the MP118 LTE Speaker was known for its small size, loud volume exceeding 118dB, and real-time shouting capabilities via APP control, boasting over one hour of battery life and compatibility with various drones like Mavic 2 and Phantom 4, catering to consumer-level shouting scenes with ease.

Gimbal Searchlight

CZI’s comprehensive range of cutting-edge drone payloads are designed to elevate aerial communication and illumination to unprecedented levels of excellence. In addition to our pioneering digital voice broadcasting systems, CZI also offers an array of innovative gimbal searchlights catering to diverse drone applications.

  • GL60 Mini Gimbal Searchlight: weighing just 240g, delivers a central brightness of 6000lm with a rated power of 70W, facilitating flexible lighting experiences for nighttime drone operations, integrating AI algorithms for automatic light spot centering and seamless compatibility with DJI Matrice M30 drones. 
  • GL10 Gimbal Searchlight: featuring a lightweight design and a rated power of 30W, ensures uniform brightness and effective search distances of up to 100 meters, suitable for small drones engaged in night inspections, location indication, and search and rescue missions, offering precise rotation and pitching movements via dual-axis gimbal stabilization technology. 
  • LP12 Searchlight & Broadcasting System, designed for DJI M30 enterprise drones, combines streamlined aesthetics with exceptional performance, weighing only 270g while providing effective illumination and broadcasting distances of up to 100m and 200m respectively, catering to security patrols and outdoor search and rescue scenarios.
  • GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight: features four groups of optical imaging components emitting sharp beams at 15 degrees, providing enhanced aerial illumination effects for drone night operations, weighing only 750 grams and boasting a rated power of 120W, with seamless compatibility with DJI M200V2, M300RTK, and other series of drones, serving diverse enterprise night operation needs such as law enforcement, firefighting, and search and rescue.

Power Supply System 

CZI’s commitment to excellence extends beyond pioneering digital voice broadcasting systems to encompass an array of innovative gimbal searchlights, specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of various drone applications. CZI’s innovation doesn’t stop there; CZI also offers state-of-the-art power supply systems, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operation for all your aerial endeavors.

  • TK300 Tether Power Supply System: With a reduced weight and increased IP protection level, it offers versatility in various scenarios. This system comprises a power supply for drones and a ground-based component, converting AC power into DC high voltage for continuous drone operation. Its manual and automatic cable retrieval options ensure ease of use. Compatible with DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK, it offers up to 80 meters (customizable to 110 meters) of power supply cable, making it suitable for long-time and large-area emergency lighting, monitoring, and rescue scenarios.
  • TK3 Tether Power Supply System: Compatible with DJI’s Matrice 30 Series drones, the CZI TK3 Tethering Station offers up to 80 meters (customizable to 110 meters) of power supply cable, making it an ideal solution for prolonged and expansive emergency lighting, monitoring, and rescue missions. With the CZI TK3 Tethering Station, CZI continues to redefine the standards of aerial power supply, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every operation.

PTZ Camera

The CZI C30N Smart Dual-Light Night Vision Camera seamlessly integrates high-definition infrared thermal imaging with a 30x enhanced optical zoom visible light camera. It boasts an infrared thermal imaging resolution of up to 1280×1024 and a 55mm focal length telephoto lens, enabling swift identification of suspected targets over long distances. The camera’s split-screen mode allows simultaneous use of the optical zoom camera for target confirmation, while the infrared laser fill light enhances visibility in dark environments. With built-in laser ranging function, 21TPOS computing power, and high-precision three-axis PTZ, it seamlessly integrates with DJI M300/350 RTK drones and is compatible with the CZI Pilot or DJI Pilot 2 App for enhanced industrial applications.

Load Equipment

In the “Load Equipment” category, CZI offers a range of cutting-edge solutions tailored for drone applications. 

  • ES Series Electronic Launchers, exemplified by models like ES638 and ES838, are designed for quick assembly and disassembly on the DJI M300 flight platform, providing stable and reliable performance with vibration-resistant designs and laser-assisted aiming systems for precise targeting. 
  • TD40/TD40P UAV Material Dispensers are seamlessly compatible with DJI T40 and T20 crop protection machines, facilitating efficient material delivery tasks with built-in wireless data transmission modules. 
  • FT10 Drone Flamethrower:  utilizes alcohol as fuel and advanced targeting technology for safe and precise ignition for specialized operations
  • TH4 V2 Drop Kit offers lightweight yet robust solutions for emergency rescue and material delivery missions. Complemented by offerings like the 
  • ML150 Matrix Light and FL48 Red and Blue Flashing Light: comprehensive solutions for diverse industrial needs, including public safety enforcement and communication network establishment in challenging environments, underlining its commitment to innovation and excellence in the drone industry.

Elevate Drone Capabilities with CZI Versatile Payloads

In conclusion, CZI’s extensive lineup of innovative solutions underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence within the drone industry. With a diverse array of products, from advanced electronic launchers and material dispensers to cutting-edge flamethrowers and drop kits, CZI caters to a wide spectrum of industrial applications, including reconnaissance, surveillance, emergency response, and more. What sets CZI apart is its seamless compatibility with leading DJI Enterprise drones ensuring that its products integrate effortlessly into existing workflows while delivering unmatched versatility and efficiency. By leveraging advanced technologies like laser-assisted targeting and wireless data transmission, CZI continues to pioneer the future of aerial systems, providing indispensable tools and solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

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