The DJI AGRAS T30 is the new standard for digital agriculture solutions and is considered one of the best drones for agriculture. This DJI agricultural drone is equipped with a 30-litre spray tank and able to cover 40 acres per hour, the DJI AGRAS T30 is the ideal solution to your agricultural needs.


Industry leader.

DJI AGRAS T30 is designed for efficient, high-impact operation with a 30-litre spray tank and a high-pressure 16 nozzle design capable of spraying up to eight litres per minute at maximum speed. With an improved maximum spray width of 9 metres, the DJI AGRAS T30 can cover up to 40 acres per hour.

Radar system.

Obstacle avoidance protocols maintain safety during flight, even around obstructions. Omnidirectional sensors pair with adaptive flight controls to ensure safe flying. 

Dual FPV Cameras.

Equipped with front and back FPV cameras allowing for mid-flight status updates, DJI AGRAS T30 keeps you in control. A built-in searchlight supports visibility during nighttime operations.

Water protection.

Featuring IP67 water protection, DJI AGRAS T30 is safe from dust and water contaminants within its fully enclosed control module structure


The DJI AGRAS T30 features newly improved Intelligent Flight Batteries that fully charge in just 10 mins. Streamline your operation with just two batteries and one charging station. Intelligent Flight batteries are covered by DJI warranty for up to 1,000 charges.

Spreading System.

Featuring a 40L capacity and maximum spread width of 7 meters, the DJI AGRAS T30 spreading system is capable of a 1 ton hourly spreading capacity.


The DJI AGRAS T30 intelligently plans flights, optimising the route for each operation.

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