The flight time is the most important specification of an inspection drone, as it impacts both the missions’ efficiency (and thus your profitability) and the reachable range. ASIO can fly for up to 24 minutes, leading to more than twice the time on site to actually perform the inspection and extends the accessible range by a factor of two.


The complete indoor ins​pection solution

Because we know that the best product alone is not enough for professionals, we designed a complete solution to streamline your whole inspection missions


24 minut​es
max flight time

True 4K+IR

Rock solid
protective cage

Super bright oblique lighting

Pilot assist

Low noise,
safer workplace

Dual Rotor Technology

The patented Flybotix propulsion system is built around two large coaxial and tilting propellers. Combining the simplicity of a multirotor with the performance of a helicopter, this innovative configuration was first used in an indoor inspection drone.

Extended Flight Time

Flight time is the most important specification for an inspection drone, as it affects both mission performance (and therefore profitability) and range. ASIO  can fly  for up to 24 minutes.

Reduced Noise Level

During some missions, such as the inspection of large oil tanks, the pilot will be in the same area as the drone and thus exposed to its noise, which will even be amplified by the enclosed environment and metal structures. Because  ASIO  uses larger propellers, their rotational speed is much lower compared to quadrocopter systems, and the generated  noise is only 80dB per 1m  , which improves pilot comfort and safety.

Redundant System

Commonly used quadrotor drive systems are easy to build but lack redundancy. In case an obstacle such as a pipe or hanging cable enters the protective cage and damages the propeller, the drone loses control and crashes with massive damage. ASIO’s coaxial rotor technology  provides  redundancy  in the control and propulsion systems, enabling  a safe landing  in the event of an accident.


Advanced ASIO features

Protective Cage

When flying in tight environments, and even more so out of sight, the risk of touching surfaces is high. To keep pilots safe and capable of operating at a distance, ASIO must  resist collisions . The protection cage design protects the propellers from encroachment on the environment or the cage itself, ensuring the highest level of safety for your drone, your assets and of course your employees.

Lightweight Design

On every mission, every minute you fly lowers your costs and keeps your employees safe. That’s why every gram counts and why we put so much effort into optimizing the  ASIO cage  , developing an innovative and  patented design  to keep its weight  below 100g while ensuring its excellent protective properties.

Advanced Materials

Collision resistance and lightness are two contradictory qualities, but it managed to achieve the best of both worlds. The protective and damping properties  of an advanced polymer composite used in the automotive industry are combined with  defense-grade stiffness . The combination of these two materials gives  ASIO  optimal mechanical resistance to collisions.

Easy To Service

Nawet jeśli konstrukcja drona zostanie opracowana tak, aby zmniejszyć ryzyko uszkodzeń w przypadku kolizji, mogą wystąpić nieoczekiwane zdarzenia wymagające naprawy klatki. Zaprojektowaliśmy go tak, aby jego wymiana była szybka, łatwa i tania , aby zapewnić najwyższy wskaźnik dostępności ASIO w każdych okolicznościach. Wrócisz do lotu za mniej niż pięć minut!

High-Definition Camera

The Sony camera, in 4K resolution  (3840×2160 pixels), allows  you to see the smallest details  in true colors and capture 12-megapixel photos right during the flight. Be confident in your reviews and never miss a flaw again!

Infrared Camera

Some defects are invisible to the human eye, but detecting them is critical to ensuring asset integrity, which is why we added an infrared sensor from FLIR, the world leader in thermal imaging cameras. It will help you  identify cold or hot spots  in your equipment, enabling your employees to perform preventive maintenance before any failure occurs, thus reducing operating costs.

Gimbal System

Got to the spot you want to check out, but the point of interest is above or below the camera’s field of view? We mounted camera sensors on  a ±90° vertical gimbal  on the front of  the ASIO  to ensure no area is left out of sight. And of course, we ensured no occlusion so you could see everything as if you were there yourself.

Strong Lighting

Inspection areas in industrial environments are often in the dark and the best camera sensor is useless without proper lighting. We’ve deployed over 100 LEDs to provide up to  10,000 lumens of light  output, so the darkest spots are as clear as daytime – and their layout prevents drone dust from interfering with the camera.

Video Streaming

To make sure your pilots don’t miss a thing during inspection missions, we stream  live  high definition video from a 4K camera directly to your pilot. And for post-flight detail, everything is  stored onboard  , in full resolution, on an ultra-fast micro SD card. Count on  ASIO to  securely detect and store everything in-flight!


Stabilization Without GPS

In indoor, industrial and confined spaces, GPS signals are inaccurate at best, but more often are completely blocked by structures and thus useless. ASIO  has  more than a dozen sensors  that measure its location and position 8,000 times per second, making it perfectly stable even in the most complex situations.

Control Algorithms

Piloting a drone is never easy, especially in obscured environments where it can be out of sight. That’s why we’ve integrated advanced flight control algorithms onboard  ASIO  ,  making it easy to fly in just a few minutes  . But since some pilots like to have full autonomy, you can also easily disable the assistance from the remote.

Distance Lock

Smooth scanning of the surface from a fixed distance and angle is the key to detecting defects and ensuring the shortest mission time. To simplify, we developed a lock-in algorithm that maintains a constant  wall distance and  ASIO attitude , allowing the pilot to adjust the horizontal speed with the controller.

Automatic Landing

Mission objectives are often far away, out of sight. Going there requires knowledge and experience, but shouldn’t a smart drone be able to return to its previous position on its own  ? We thought about it and implemented our Rewind algorithm so  ASIO  can autonomously follow its path backwards! And when you return to the take-off point, just press the auto-land button and  ASIO  will land smoothly  .

Security Systems

We strive to keep  ASIO  and employees safe, which is why we have implemented three key algorithms:

  • Obstacle Repulsion simulates the invisible sphere surrounding  the ASIOand continuously analyzes its surroundings, automatically preventing collisions.
  • Safe slowdown ensures that  the ASIOcan stop before hitting an obstacle  , even if you missed it and were flying at full speed.
  • And what if the collision still happens and ASIO is upside down? Self-righteous makes him oscillate to get back on his feet  , ready to continue his mission!

What’s in your box

  • ASIO Drone
  • 3x Battery Packs
  • 2x Pairs of Spare
  • Propellers
  • Safety Vest
  • Toolkit & Manual
  • Remote Control
  • ASIO  Range Extender (Optional)
  • Spare Cage (Optional)
  • Battery Charger

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