The FigSpec® FS-50 series is a new generation of unmanned multispectral cameras from Color Spectrum Technology Company, adapted to the DJI M350/M300RTK flight platform, with 30-180 spectral channels and 2K resolution.

It can meet the application needs of precision agriculture, military defense and homeland security, disaster prevention
and forestry monitoring, river and lake ecology, target identification and other industries.

  • Ultra-high spectral channels: 30-180 spectral channels (different models)
  • 2K spatial resolution
  • Global shutter, 12bit high precision sampling data
  • Ground station real-time preview data acquisition
  • DJI X-Port control and power supply, 512GSSD mass storage
  • DJI M350/M300 RTK UAV customization, plug and play
  • FIGSPEC UAV real-time flight control software, FIGSPEC
  • Merge puzzle software, FIGSPEC Studio image analysis software




Number of Spectral Channels150
Spectral Channel Wavelength400-1000nm
Per 4nm
Output a Wavelength
Spectral Resolution/ Half Wave width2.5nm
Spatial Resolution1920
Sampling Rate128 line/S
Image Sensor1/1.1 inch CMOS
Effective Pixel1920
Shutter TypeGlobal shutter
Quantization Number12bit
Visual Field25.36 °
Ground Resolution2.8 cm @ h120m
Covering Width54m@h120m
Optical WindowHigh Transmittance Optical Glass Window
Main Engine Size≤155*95*119mm
Main Engine Weight≤840g
Installation/ Power Supply PortX-Port
Work Loss45w
Picture Format12bit.SPE (compatible with third party analysis software such as envi)
Data Storage Space512SSD
Application SoftwareFIGSPEC UAV real-time flight control software, FIGSPEC Merge puzzle software, FIGSPEC Studio image analysis software
Shooting MethodReal-Time Acquisition



Crop Growth Assessment

FigSpec Studio software is built with NDVI and other vegetation factors to accurately quantify the state of vegetation canopy at different spatial scales, quantitatively assess the health, stress and growth of crops and vegetation, and provide data support for crop growth assessment, yield prediction, disease and pest detection, etc.


Coverage Evaluation

Based on the spectral fingerprint information of plants, accurate classification of plants in the region and crop area statistics are carried out to provide quantitative vegetation canopy data to provide data support for scientific research and production of agriculture and forestry ecological industry.


Water Quality Analysis and Monitoring

Using the spectral data and chemical analysis results, the analysis model is constructed to realize the inversion of the classification and water quality parameters of black and odorous water bodies. Combined with spatial information to monitor the impact of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater on surrounding water bodies, help pollution source investigation and water environment assessment.


Water Eutrophication Monitoring

Spectral data are used to form a classification index to monitor water eutrophication and conduct spatial information statistics. Following the evaluation standards of water eutrophication status, it assists in analyzing water pollution sources such as farmland, aquaculture and fishery, and provides data and powerful data collection tools for pollution source investigation and water environment assessment.

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