• DJI M350RTK is used as the flight bearing platform.
  • Ultra-high speed spectral scanning imaging device with high signal-to-noise ratio provides high stability spectral image acquisition.
  • The self-developed image processing algorithm with high efficiency and low power consumption can greatly prolong the flight time and reduce the power consumption of the system.
  • Through real-time measurement of spectral image information of plants, water bodies, soil and other ground objects, application and precision agriculture, crop growth and yield assessment, forest pest monitoring and fire prevention monitoring, coastline and Marine environment monitoring, lake and watershed environmental monitoring and other applications.
  • Compact system design, imaging spectrometer host spectral resolution up to 2.5nm.
  • The whole machine consists of: high stability head, hyperspectral imager, embedded data acquisition, processing and storage unit, wireless image transmission system, GPS-RTK navigation system, ground receiving workstation, ground control system, reflectivity calibration board.



Lighting ModePassive Lighting (without light source)
Spectroscopic MethodTransmission Grating
Spectral Range400-1000nm
Spectral Band1200
Spectral Resolution (FWHM)2.5 nm
Slit Width25um
Transmission Efficiency> 60%
Stray Light< 0.5%
Number of Spatial PixelsMax. 1920 (software configurable)
Pixel Size5.86 um
Imaging SpeedFull band 128Hz, after ROI can achieve 3300Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio600/1
Camera OutputUSB3.0 or Gigabit Network
Camera InterfaceC-Mount
AttachmentUSB3.0 or Gigabit network
ROIMultiple Regions
Embedded Data Acquisition
Processing Storage Unit
Embedded Processor 512GSSD Storage
Dimension20.5 cmx18.5 cmx12.9 cm
Power Dissipation40W


  • Easy to operate, no need for professional drone operator, can achieve single operation.
  • The ground station can observe the sampling site of the aircraft in real time and set the preview and correction functions of the route data collected point by point by using the ground station: radiometric correction, reflectivity correction, and area correction support batch processing.
  • Real-time common vegetation index calculation function.
  • Support custom real-time analysis model input function.
  • ENVI is perfectly compatible with multiple data formats.

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