GPR system: Radar Systems Zond Aero LF (low frequency)

Extra-lightweight GPR system, suitable for medium-sized drones like DJI M300/M350 RTK.

Zond Aero LF is extremely customizable GPR system in terms of available frequencies, it was tested with antennas in the range 50…400MHz making it most versatile system in our portfolio. By default, it comes with 3x sets of dipoles for the 300, 150, and 100 MHz. Dipoles for other frequencies are available by request OR you can even cut supplied dipoles to get required center frequency for your GPR!

Utilizes Real Time Sampling (RTS) with high hardware stacking, delivering high-resolution low-noise data.

Includes a transportation box and mountings for the DJI M300/M350 RTK drone. Mounts for other types of drones are available upon request.


Please note that additional components and software must be ordered to use this GPR with drones. It is recommended to order a complete set.

Type Single channel Ground Penetrating Radar system with unshielded dipole antenna
Center frequency 100, 150, 300 MHz depending on used antenna
Custom frequencies by request (any frequency 50…400 MHz)
Operating bandwidth 38 – 150, 75 – 300, 150 – 600  MHz (-12 dB)
Samples 256 / 512 / 1024 / 2048 / 4096 / 8192
Sample rate up to 1,280,000 samples/second (depends on hardware stacking)
Scan rate up to 2,500 scans/s (depends on hardware stacking)
Sample output 32 bit digital raw data
Time range per sample 18 ps / 36 ps / 71 ps / 89 ps / 125 ps / 143 ps / 179 ps / 250 ps / 357 ps / 500 ps / 625 ps / 714 ps / 1 ns / 1.25 ns / 2.5 ns
Depth up to 12 meters in soil with relative dielectric permittivity equal to 5 and specific attenuation up to 5 dB/m.
Data format Standard Geophysical SEGY Data Format (.sgy) with traces geotagging
Temperature -20°C to 60°C internal temperature
Humidity 96% non-condensing
Ingress protection IP68 in a protective box (used for transportation and for ground surveys) IP52 in airborne variant
  • 0.8 kg – GPR controller with mountings for the drone
  • 0.1 kg – 300MHz antenna
  • 0.2 kg – 150MHz antenna
  • 0.4 kg – 100MHz antenna
Airborne variant Drone main battery is used to provide power to the GPR
  • Zond Aero LF GPR system with 100, 150, 300 MHz center frequency antennas
  • Prism 2 Data Acquisition/Processing software
  • Transport case for GPR controller
  • Tube for antennas
  • Mounting kit to fix GPR system on the DJI M300/M350 RTK drone

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