Many parts of the countries are covered by the Power Lines and other infrastructure and ad-hoc inspection of those locations are highly critical. Many Power Lines’ altitude are around 15 Meter to 55 Meters. Drones are the highly recommended equipment to use with safe, reliable, and efficient features to fulfil this requirement of the modern world.

Duration: 3 Days

Common Failures Detection

  • Broken Insulators
  • Deformed Insulators
  • Hot Spots of Transformers
  • Hot Spots of Sealing End of Cables
  • Joints and Clamps Hotspots
  • Power Poles Failures
  • Hot Spots of Cut out Fuses
  • Hot Spots of Sectionalizes

Equipment & Software to be used: DJI Matrice 30T or DJI Mavic 3 Thermal with DJI Pilot App

Data Processing & Exporting Software: DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, DJI Terra

Certification: To be provided upon successful completion of the training.

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