Solar Energy is a rapidly growing source from the last 5 years as a renewable energy in many parts of the world. Some countries including UAE have introduced the solar farm concept to obtain large amounts of electrical power using this natural resource. Previously, the solar panel inspection was done by using thermal cameras. But with the technological revolution, Drones with Thermal capability is used for this solar panel inspection. The drones are used autonomously to take thermal images of the solar panels and with the support of processing software, the results can be obtained instantly.

Duration: 3 Days

Common Failures Detection

  • Defective cells and substrings
  • Panel non-functioning
  • Delamination on two cells
  • Rupture Cell
  • Single & Multiple Hot Spots
  • Junction Box Hot Spots
  • Operated Bypass Diodes
  • Disconnected Strings
  • Disconnected Inverters
  • Soiling

Requirements of IR-Inspection according to IEC Standard

  • Application of Ground IR-Inspection in Solar Plants
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Transformers
  • Inverters
  • Aerial IR-Inspection of PV- Panels
  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Altitude
  • Flight Speed
  • Camera Angle
  • Time Interval for taking images

Equipment and Software to be used: DJI Matrice 350 RTK and Zenmuse H20T with DJI Pilot 2 App

Data Processing & Exporting Software: DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, DJI Terra

Certification: To be provided upon successful completion of the training.

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