Leverage Precise Geolocation Technology for 5x Faster Ag Data Delivery

From pre-flight planning to in-the-air image capture to post-processing, the Sentera Direct Georeferencing (DGR) System increases efficiency and reduces total project time by nearly 90% — helping agronomic leaders capture more data, faster so they can focus on data validation and outcomes.


Key Specifications of the DGR System

Dual Antenna RTK
GPS: 5cm (2 inches)
6X: 20 MP RGB
+5 Band Multispectral
440 acres per flight at
120m altitude GSD:
RGB = 2.0 cm
Monochrome = 5.20cm
Inertial Navigation
Camera Orientation:
6X Thermal: 20 MP RGB
+4 Band Multispectral
+320 x 256 LWIR
220 acres per flight @ 60m
altitude GSD:
RGB = 1.0
Monochrome = 2.60 cm
Laser Rangefinder
Distance to Canopy:
Geolocation Accuracy
at 60m (200 feet):
<25cm (10 inches)


How it Works

  • Get ready for flight.

Instead of defining ground control points, prepare for your flight by quickly connecting the DGR System to the DJI M300 Drone: Add tactical-grade inertial measurements (IMU) and dual RTK GPS functionality) in just a few steps.

  • Fly and capture data.

Because images require 50% less overlap, capture 9x fewer images for analysis. The result? Faster flights – from 45 minutes to less than 20!

  • View and analyze key data.

With 5x faster data delivery, focus time on analyzing data and measurements to make faster and more precise critical decisions.

  • Upload data for post-processing.

The Sentera DGR results in absolute location certainty. With an output of spatially accurate maps right at the field’s edge, no need to rely on stitching to create an orthomosaic.


Real World Field Analysis Example

Altitute120 M120 M
Flight Time45 min17.5 min
Image Captures1,115129
Data Volume29.0 GB3.4 GB
Post-Processing Time5 hrs10 min
Total Project Time6 hrs43 min


Paired with 65R Sensor- Ultra-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

The Sentera 65R is the first ultra-high-resolution precision sensor built from the ground up for seamless integration with drone systems, including RTK systems.


More Pixels Per Image, Captured Faster

With a ground sampling distance of 0.45cm/pixel, improve efficiency and reduce errors by capturing more pixels per image; meaning you can capture more ground significantly faster than any other camera on the market.


Purpose-Built For Seamless Drone Integration

Our engineers and technical team built the 65R with one thing in mind: easy integration with drones for ultra-high-resolution aerial image capture to inform critical decisions for survey and mapping use cases.


Optimal Data Output For Your Use Case

From an RGB mosaic to a detailed digital surface model (DSM) and deep analytics, easily generate the data you need for your unique use case, whether for surveying, modeling, or mapping.

Key Specifications

Image Sensor

Gpixel GMAX3265
Resolution: 9344 x 7000

Pixel Size: 3.2 um

Shutter: Global

Lens Options:

Focal Length27 mm (standard) 43 mm
FOV57.6° x 44.8°38.3° x 29.2°
GSD @ 125 ft0.45 cm 0.30 cm
GSD @ 400 ft1.43 cm0.90 cm
Camera Size*2.50” x 2.48” x 4.19” 2.50” x 2.78” x 4.55”
Camera Weight*
Includes Lens
330 grams 405 grams

Power: 9-26V Input, 12W Typical

Frame Rate: 3 FPS

Image Format: JPEG

Storage: 512 GB Internal PCle NVMe

Gigabit Ethernet
Digital I/O
· Input Pulse/PWM for Image Capture
· Input Pulse Per Second (PPS) for Time/Position
· Output Pulse for Image Exposure Sync

Integrated IMU
Pushbutton Trigger Option

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