Skyfend Defender

Defender is a compact and cost-effective K-band FMCW radar that provides close-range surveillance for land, sea and air applications. It’s ideal for portable scenarios and high-value target defense, such as government buildings, official residences and prisons. It utilizes advanced environmental perception and target recognition algorithms to deliver rapid target detection and deployment capabilities.

skyfend defender high acuuracy low SWaP-C

Low SWaP-C Design

Defender is characterized by its small size, light weight, and low cost, making it currently the industry’s smallest active phased array radar capable of detecting micro unmanned aerial vehicles at the 1 km level.

skyfend defender low SWaP-C design

Environmental Perception AI Recognition

Micro-Doppler Identification


With the integration of clutter suppression technology and Micro-Doppler technology, Defender can accurately identify small unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAVs) from other flying objects to reduce missed and false alarms. At the same time, with the support of Micro-Doppler technology, the Defender is also able to identify hovering drones.

Over-the-Horizon Detection

Despite the low SWaP-C, Defender can still achieve long-range detection, with a range of 1km for SUAVs.

Unattended Protection

Defender can achieve real-time wireless communication with Guider, allowing seamless data exchange. Guider collects data from all SkyFend devices to analyze the threat level and autonomously deploy countermeasures to eliminate the identified threats.

High-Reliable Wireless Connection

Omni-Directional Monitoring

Defender can be used individually or via a wireless connection, with just four radars capable of providing 360°coverage in the area.

 skyfend defender low SWaP-C design


Rapid Deployment

When connecting Defender in a group, there is no need for cables, resulting in saved installation time, simplified operating procedures and a direct reduction of installation costs.

skyfend defender low SWaP-C design

High Stability

The self-developed data transmission module of Defender incorporates private communication protocols, ensuring a high-performance, reliable, and stable wireless connection for the radar array.

skyfend defender low SWaP-C design

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