Omni UAV&Pilot Locator

Tracer is a portable UAV detector that effectively receives, analyzes and processes the radio signals of a wide range of UAV models. It can swiftly determine the exact locations of UAVs and pilots by analyzing wireless signal protocol layer information, without causing any interference to wireless communication devices within the protected zone.


Tracer detects radio signals of UAVs, allowing the acquisition of vital information including coordinates (latitude and longitude), altitude, speed, heading angle, model, SN and pilot’s location.

skyfend tracer for Monitoring


Tracer utilizes list management to classify drones as either friendly or hostile. During detection missions, the device intelligently disregards drones listed in the whitelist, thereby achieving an advanced warning and defense system.

Skyfend Tracer in Dubai

Data Feedback

The system enables the real-time display of intruding drone flight paths and associated pilots, allowing users to access pilot details and positions directly on the map.
The list is categorized into friendly or hostile classifications, with adjustable sorting priority available in the settings. The list displays the details of all the detected drones and pilots.

Skyfend Tracer in Dubai

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