Skyfend Spoofer

Skyfend Spoofer in Dubai

Spoofer is an advanced GNSS navigation spoofing device engineered explicitly for SUAVs. Its primary purpose is to enforce area denial, redirect drones to predetermined orientations and manipulate their flight paths to designated locations. When combined with radar, spectrum detection devices and jammers, it can cause drones to crash or force them to land at appointed locations.

All Frequency Coverage

Covering all navigation frequencies of GPS, Beidou, Galileo, and GLONASS, it can implement GNSS navigation spoofing on all models of drones.

High Accuracy

  • Intrusion in 3 seconds
  • 100% Successful spoofing rate

Quick Response

By utilizing wireless communication channels (4G/5G/WIFI/video transmission), it can acquire ephemeris and time information, enabling quick startup. This allows for rapid countermeasures against sudden drone intrusions. It is better than similar products, which take 5-10 minutes after startup to implement spoofing and requires re-synchronization of timing between two spoofings.

Ease of Use

The spoofing strategies employed by Spoofer are diverse and the configuration is straightforward. The spoofing modes are tailored to match different drone models, ensuring optimal effectiveness. This solution effectively mitigates the impact of operator proficiency on spoofing accuracy

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