Portable Jammer

Blader is a portable jammer for SUAVs. Featuring countermeasures for UAV flight control, map transmission, and GNSS bands, it can repel drones or force them to crash to solve the threat of rogue SUAVs.

Efficient Jamming

Capable of jamming UAV flight control and video transmission frequency bands | Capable of disrupting GNSS frequency bands | Covers a wide range of UAVs | Simultaneously neutralizes all frequency bands | Jamming range is up to 1.5km. Upon successful interference, the UAV loses communication with the pilot, resulting in a repel or crash.

Consociate Spoofing

Blader can connect to GPS spoofing equipment via a Type-C interface, enabling the user to control the UAV to either land at a specific location or cause it to lose control and crash.

Low SWaP-C

Compact and portable | Weight below 4kg | High maneuverability

User Logs

Blader records every jamming offline. If any malfunction occurs, users can export the event log to us and there will be analysis and feedback from professional after-sale engineers promptly


Associate with Spoofer

Blader can flexibly associate with products of SkyFend to form different solutions according to customer requirement.

Skyfend Blader in Dubai

Skyfend blader in Dubai

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