V-Line Pro is flagship tethered kit designed for medium sized drones. V-Line Pro is now able to tether up to 100 meters with lightweight aviation grade cable. The new smart tension system automatically minimizes slag of tether cable in strong winds

Furthermore the V-Line Pro is now compatible with multiple payloads by tapping onto auxiliary power of the tether system and unlimited flight time. It could supply 20.000 Lumens area light , 12.000 Lumens floodlight, and mesh network node. Its rapidness has taken V-Line Pro in becoming the industry leading drone speeds with 5m/s ascend and 3m/s descend without the needs to exert high tension.

V-Line Pro enhancement is a gamechanger for the law enforcement and first responder. With its companion app which allows autonomous features such as auto landing onto the tether kit, auto take off, vehicle and boat following which allows pilot to monitor tether kit parameters while operating the drone. As a successor of the V-Line system, Its usage is proven to bring effectivity and efficiency to the frontlines


Recommended power supply

Honda EU2200i
3.5 hours(per tank)

Honda EG2800iC
7 hours (per tank)

EcoFlow DELTA Pro
2 hours

Autonomous take-off & landing

The V-Line Pro come with its latest autonomous take-off and landing features and is made possible with a single tap in the V-LINE App. Empowered with intelligent AI technology, the precision launch and land your drone with centimeter level accuracy.

Remotely track and monitor the overall tethered drone system via the V-LINE App. Displaying key parameters and relevant statistics of the tethered drone system to effectively manage and optimize the drone operation according to the conditions of external environment such as restricted flying zone boundary and external wind speed.

V-Line Pro specifiation

V-Line Pro Powered Tethered Reel System
Compatible with DJI Matrices M30

V-Line Pro Powered Tethered Reel System

Dimensions: 470 mm x 365 mm x 190 mm
Net Weight: 17 kg
Input Voltage: 90-264 VAC (1800W)
Output Voltage: 350 VDC – 410 VDC
Operating Temperature: -10°C – 50°C ( 14°F – 122°F )
Maximum Tether Operating Range: 100 m (328ft)

V-Line M30 Power Module (Each)

Dimensions: 211 mm x 100 mm x 61 mm
Net Weight: 905g
Input Voltage: 300-410 VAC (1800W)
Output Voltage: 25.0 VDC – 26.1 VDC
Operating Temperature: -10°C – 50°C ( 14°F – 122°F )
Backup Battery Flight Time: 20 Minutes

Designed & manufactured in Singapore

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