The complete drone solution package

As we created the V-Line tether to provide DJI Mavic 2 Series extended flight time, we figured tethered drone operations don’t necessarily have to be sedentary.

We present the V-Scout, the automated guided tethered drone system that will be on your vehicle throughout the mission.

This compact portable tethered drone system includes the following features:

Inheriting All V-Line’s Features  

The V-Scout inherits all the original V-Line’s features, notably the 60m tether cable length, the auto-tension reel that continuously senses tension and adjusts, and the extended flight time.


Mount V-Line on any vehicle of choice to fit your operations. Whether it is a pick-up truck or a minivan, the V-Scout will be compatible with it.

Tethered Mavic 2 Operations within the Vehicle

Fly your Mavic 2 while you sit inside your vehicle. Just power up, fly, then monitor on your V-Line Android app and DJI controller without coming out of the cabin. This V-Scout tethered drone box also includes AC adapter customization. Although designed to be compatible with Mavic 2 Series, V-Scout is also compatible with any similar size tethered drones, allowing it to minimize the overall tethered drone cost. The lead time for this tether system is 4 weeks.

Autonomous take-off & landing

The V-Line Pro come with its latest autonomous take-off and landing features and is made possible with a single tap in the V-LINE App. Empowered with intelligent AI technology, the precision launch and land your drone with centimeter level accuracy.

Remotely track and monitor the overall tethered drone system via the V-LINE App. Displaying key parameters and relevant statistics of the tethered drone system to effectively manage and optimize the drone operation according to the conditions of external environment such as restricted flying zone boundary and external wind speed.

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