The Safe-T 2 is a rugged tether station compatible with multiple drones on the market, including the DJI Matrice 300. With a 100m micro-tether and resistance to poor weather conditions, it provides an uninterupted overwatch capability for hours. The system is particularly suited for day-night aerial surveillance but also telecommunication applications using our optional fiber optics micro-tether.

Designed for the
most demanding

IP54, with a 100m micro-tether, the Safe-T 2 is approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority

Compatible with
the DJI M300 and multiple drones

One drone power tether station compatible with the widest range of 6S or 12S drones with up to 2200W continuous power

Already chosen by multiple government agencies

Over 650 systems currently used around the world for defense and security operations


Compatible Drones

Our range of Air Modules allows compatibility with DJI M300, DJI M200, DJI inspire 2 and a wide range of 6S and 12S drones with up to 2200W continuous power requirement.

Technical Data


Cable length 100 m – 330 Ft
Output voltage 6S or 12S
Power input 110 – 220 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Max continous power 2200 W
Tether management system 10 presets / Smart pre-programmed laws & reset functions

Robustness & Vehicle Integration

Ingress protection level IP54
Operational temperature -20° to 50° C – -4° to 120° F
Altitud max 4000 MSL
Vehicle integration kit Modular metallic structure

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