Maximize Pixel Coverage with an Ultra-High-Resolution Aerial Sensor

Maximize unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) success while capturing the sharpest aerial imagery with a sensor built for endurance. The 65R accelerates productivity and improves efficiency with the ability to fly longer while capturing more pixels per image resulting in more precision, accurate aerial data you can trust.

Key Specifications

Image Sensor

Gpixel GMAX3265
Resolution: 9344 x 7000

Pixel Size: 3.2 um

Shutter: Global

Lens Options:

Focal Length27 mm (standard) 43 mm
FOV57.6° x 44.8°38.3° x 29.2°
GSD @ 125 ft0.45 cm 0.30 cm
GSD @ 400 ft1.43 cm0.90 cm
Camera Size*2.50” x 2.48” x 4.19” 2.50” x 2.78” x 4.55”
Camera Weight*
Includes Lens
330 grams 405 grams

Power: 9-26V Input, 12W Typical

Frame Rate: 3 FPS

Image Format: JPEG

Storage: 512 GB Internal PCle NVMe

Gigabit Ethernet
Digital I/O
· Input Pulse/PWM for Image Capture
· Input Pulse Per Second (PPS) for Time/Position
· Output Pulse for Image Exposure Sync

Integrated IMU
Pushbutton Trigger Option

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