EQ Swan K1 M1 Multispectral VTOL Drone

HEQ Swan K1 M1 VTOL is the world’s first non-rudder vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing multi-spectral UAV system with 4 pieces of 1.3 million pixels multi-spectral channels and 1 piece of 8 million pixels of RGB channel.

Swan-M1 Multi-spectral UAV has the characteristics of high data accuracy, wide flying coverage area, strong environmental adaptability, various application scenarios, easy to command and operate.

HEQ Drone M1 Features

  • High data accuracy
  • Wide flying coverage area
  • Strong environmental adaptability
  • Multiple application scenarios
  • Easy to command
  • Modular design, easy to assemble
  • 2-9 square kilometers per flight
  • Centimeter accuracy
  • 1 hour flight time

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