The long range surveillance UAV

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW is designed for organizations who need an eye in the sky.
Its smart features and powerful performance enable effective


& reconnaissance strategies.


Key Features

Flight time of up to 110 minutes

This is including a payload. Being able to stay in the air for a long time is crucial for effective surveillance missions.

Autonomous object following & tracking

Running proprietary control software allows the system to safely and intelligently follow a human, car, vessel, or even another UAV.

VPN Secured command center integration

Control & command sharing enables you to let operators anywhere in the world take over control of the UAV through WiFi.

50KM HD video range (or unlimited via LTE/4G)

We are the only platform that can offer up to 50KM transmission range of HD quality video from a hand-held remote controller.

Deployable in rain or snow

Smart technology gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in moderate rain & snow.

Airborne within 2 minutes

No pre-flight calibrations are necessary. This feature allows the DeltaQuad to be airborne in under 2 minutes.

Thermal/IR night vision

Heat sensors help spot living organisms during nighttime and enable 24/7 surveillance missions.

Fully autonomous missions

Fully autonomous missions from takeoff to landing are possible, even beyond communication range.


Customize your UAV with your choice of sensors and options.

  • Platform
  • Surveillance packages
  • Ground control
  • Accessories
  • Specifications & documentation


110 minutes

Flight time

100 Kilometers

Flight range

2 minute


50 Kilometers

Video & Control range


Platform specifications


Wingspan 235 cm
Length 90 cm
Wing area 90 sq. dm.
Flightcase dimensions 122 x 45 x 51 cm
Payload bay 20 x 12 x 8 cm

Weight and Payload:

Empty weight 3.3 Kg
Empty weight including battery 5 Kg
Maximum takeoff weight 6.2 Kg
Payload capacity 1.2 Kg

Flight Characteristics without payload

Cruise speed 18 m/s (65 Km/h)
Maximum speed 28 m/s (100 Km/h)
Stall speed 12 m/s (43 Km/h)
Maximum flight time* 2+ hours
Range through air* 120 km

Flight Characteristics at 1KG payload:

Cruise speed 16 m/s (60 Km/h)
Maximum speed 25 m/s (90 Km/h)
Stall speed 13 m/s (47 Km/h)
Maximum flight time* 1 hour 50 minutes
Range through air* 100 km

Flight Characteristics with Auxiliary LiPo:

Payload capacity 400 g
Maximum flight time* 2 hour 45 minutes
Range through air* 150 km


Battery type LiPo
Battery cells 4s
Battery capacity 23Ah


Maximum takeoff/landing wind** 9 m/s (33 Km/h)
Maximum wind in cruise flight ** 14 m/s (50Km/h)
Maximum precipitation Drizzle
Operating temperature Between -20 and +45 Celsius
Maximum altitude 13.000ft (4000m)

All flight characteristics are based on optimized settings at sea level

* These values assume 90% battery usage, low wind conditions and include a low altitude vertical takeoff and landing at sea level. For countries that did not sign the Wassenaar Agreement, a separate export permit is required or the models are locked to 59 minutes.
** These values are based on measurements at flight altitude.

This comes included with the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW platform:

  • A DeltaQuad controller
  • A license for the DeltaQuad e-Course
  • 1 year warranty program
  • Lifetime software upgrades





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